Classes 4A and 5A held a cabaret in a crowded school cafeteria during Thursday evening. The purpose was to raise money for Världens Barn.

Maja from class 5A started by giving a fantastic presentation in Swedish as well as in English, where she explained why we were gathered. This was followed by the old Beatles hit Help, performed by all the students.

During the evening cookies, soft drinks and bracelets, all made by the students, were sold. It remains to be seen how much money was raised during the evening.

The cafeteria was crowded 30 minutes before the show started.

Really nice homemade cookies…

…and fine bracelets were sold.

The students started by singing the Beatles hit Help.

As father to the solo artist Elvira, I must say I am not only a webmaster I am also a proud dad!

Full house at cabaret

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