Wash your hands!

Viruses that cause a common cold and the flu can spread easily. Personal contact like handshakes or touching contaminated surfaces such as doorknobs can cause germs to accumulate on your hands. By touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, you can infect yourself. That’s why handwashing is so important.

Hand-washing is the best way to prevent colds and other respiratory and infectious diseases that are transmitted by hand to mouth or hand to nose and eye contact.

When Should You Wash Your Hands?

Regular handwashing is especially important at certain times. Always remember to wash up:

  • Before and after preparing or handling food
  • Before eating
  • After using the bathroom
  • After sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose
  • After touching an animal or animal waste
  • After handling garbage
  • Before and after treating a wound
  • Before and after caring for a sick person

If you do it and I do it – no more coughing!

Coughing season

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