A big thanks to all of the PTA board members who have been engaged in the PTA board work for many years. On October 3rd, it was time for many of us to leave the board and give place to new members. The nomination committee has done a great job and presented a really good group of people who will now take over the engagement and continue the work ahead.

Approx 30 parents attended the meeting and to secure that everyone could follow the bullet points, we held the meeting in English.

The new Board had their statutory meeting in connection to the General Annual Meeting and decided on roles and responsibilities and dates for coming PTA meeting. More information will come after their first PTA meeting, which will be on October 23rd. However, you will find the minutes and appendices from the General Annual Meeting on SchoolSoft within the coming week.

Please join me in welcoming the new board members!



Sanna Hansson
Ledamot  (ordförande, firmatecknare)

Per-Anders Landmyr
Ledamot  (vice ordförande)

Stephen Burke
Ledamot  (Kassör)

Noemi Kubiak

Maria Weineisen

Anna Hellgren

Terri Sundin
Ledamot  (skolrepresentant)

Kristina Wedelsbäck

Pernilla Agardh

Additional appointments:

Tine Bergengren

Cecilia Bergengren

Anna Odehammar
Valberedning – sammankallande

Katja Brigge

Tua Broderick



A new PTA board is appointed

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  • Great to see dedicated parents who are willing to invest in their children’s future in this way! Congrats PTA!

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