The sun was once again shining all over the PTA Spring Festival.

Thanks to all who joined and a special thanks to all who helped out to make it happen.

Congratulations to everyone who won baskets, small and big.

The IESL choir, with Ms Larsvall in the front, sang beautifully. The principle, Mr Olsson, surprisingly kept his speech short. He very nicely praised PTA for their contributions to make IESL the best school possible.

The food corner was barbecuing sausages of gamy meet, vegs and pigs, but also offered noodles & chicken salads. The traditional sponge game was gathering all of the students since everyone wanted to hit Mr Olsson with wet sponges. The distance was far, but that did not stop a few to go for bulls-eye.

The school entrance was loaded with the student’s hand-craft and paintings. There was also an exhibition of 8 grader’s bodily ideals (“kroppshets”) You can see some of the quotations at the end of the pictures below.

The 8th graders had a few booths to sell cookies, candy, paintings etc to collect money to next year’s graduation activities. Among those, we especially have to praise Tyra Solén who is a great paint artist. However, there were also a lot of excellent bakers.

The younger students were more interested in the chocolate wheel. We could spot a few happy winners.

The tug-of-war is also a popular tradition and first round was won by the adults. However, with a bit of training the students could pull and tug the adults over the middle point.

Finally, the class baskets were raffled. The baskets this year were amazing and many families were happy winners. We say congratulations to class 4D who won the ice-cream challenge of selling most pre-raffle tickets.

A special thanks to Gustav Thomsson, 9B, who was an excellent speaking master of the activities.

Last but not least, thanks to PTA and volunteering parents for yet another successful Spring Festival. See you next year!

Wishing you all a relaxing and joyful Summer!

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A happy & sunny Spring Festival

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