The first LAN of the school year 17/18 was launched without power failure.

Improvements were made since last year and one of them was setting all tables in the dining room before entry took place. This made everything so much smoother than last year.

70 of our fine youngsters were attending. 130 pieces of hotdogs were eaten and 223 soda were consumed. It all generated to about two almost full black trash bag containing some 60 bags of crisps amongst other things. Approximate 60 stayed and played the whole night. Some hardly slept at all.

We would like to thank Mr Hedvall and the parents that helped us before, during the night and in the morning after. Without you, this LAN party would not have been possible.

/Party Committee


Parents who desperately tries to add some healthy snacks balancing the suger chock. Who eats carrots during LAN?

LAN Nov 2017_3

Parent who is testing how much the tables can carry


Waiting for cables to be inserted…


Students starring into computers

LAN nov 2017_1

The lights are off

LAN Nov 2017_2

Screens of different games


The set up is huge


Many cables…


Multitasking parent









A glimpse of the LAN at school

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