lan3The spring LAN 2018 went smoothly. Probably due to the amount of youngsters.
• 41 children came.
• 23 managed to stay from dusk to dawn.
• 90 cans and bottles of soda were consumed.
• An unknown number of crisps were eaten.
• 86 sausages slipped down too.
• 11+ of us parents took turns of kiosk sales, cooking and supervising the children.
• 3 dads stayed during the hour of the wolf.
• It took a record of 40 minutes, aka 1 minute/child to restore the school to its normal status with appreciated help from parents who stayed to help us.

A big thank you to everyone who helped us make this event. It would not have been possible without you.
We also want to thank the school office who helped us with the list of the children and the tickets. A special gratitude to our Mr Internet, Johan Löfgren. Without you no connection and no LAN-party.

Maria Åseskog / PTA Party Committee










Photo: Students are starting to fill up the tables.


N.b. After the LAN, it was spotted that the common room had been visited during the event and the sight was not pleasant. The school and PTA are investigating how this could have happened and one could wonder why. A kind of sad ending.

A glimpse from the LAN party

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