tosselilla11Class 4A delayed their end term activity to late June and it resulted in a super fantastic day at Tosselilla.
Around 10 parents and 10 children met up at the entrance and joined forces towards the inferno of rides, spinning bulls, chocolate wheels, barbecues and pools.

The sky was evenly thick and the jackets were buttoned up. We were probably all dreaming of a quick turn of weather. What couldn’t have been better though was the total lack of visitors. The children rushed between the rides and repeatedly took the same rides over and over again. There were no “stau” wherever you looked.

tosselilla14When the barbecues were on fire many of us joined for a sausage or two. The pools were cold, but the adrenaline helped to warm up the bodies. And it was not too cold to indulge in a cold ice-cream after the water chute.

After the water games, we continued to the Go-cart and Segway, which both were mastered in different speeds. Some parents did whatever possible to beat their kids in various competitions.

tosselilla12A wonderful day better than expected, the sky turned bluish and the sun peeked out, warm friendship around the barbecues, happy kids being able to ride as much as they wanted, a few wheel-wins and probably some overcoming fears, like winning a climb up the wall despite extreme height fear.

Thanks to Karl Bergström who arranged this get-together. We had a great day!
Family Odehammar/Torudd


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A day at Tosselilla

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