9B Ven Trip Summary
Thanks for supporting our 9B class trip to Ven. It would not have been possible without your contribution. We had a very fun time with our class and it was a wonderful end to our time at IES. We also learned a lot on the tour.
Boat Trip:

Very nice trip! Nice view from the boat! We had a lot of fun on the boat and even did some dancing.

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Guided Tour: LOVE

Tycho Brahe tour was interesting and we learned many things we did not know before about him. Tycho Brahe lived during the 1500s and was a very famous astronomer, astrologist and alchemist at the time.

The tour guide was great and we learned a lot. We got to go down into the observatory and see where he conducted his experiments. We also learned about the medicinal properties of different plants doing a role play activity.

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The lunch at house of Ven was a steak with grilled potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower. It was very delicious with a wide spectrum of different tastes and aromas. It was very nice eating our last meal together as 9B.

Very wonderful just like our teachers.

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Free Time

We had a very nice time swimming and/or just chilling around the island. We had also had a good time talking to each other and eating “fika”. Some also bicycled around the whole island twice! The water was refreshing however it had arctic temperatures.

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When arriving to Landskrona from the island we had some money left. Each student got 30 kr to spend on an ice cream. Here is a pic of us eating our lovely ice cream.









Riding a Tandem Bike:

Ridning the tandem was a fun, exciting and a bit of a terrifying experience. Nothing is as good as crashing into a tree with your best friend as a memory we will never forget. We went very fast, and almost died while it felt like we were riding at least 100 km/h. Some of us took a trip around the island and saw alpacas.









Thank you PTA, parents and teachers (ms Jellema, ms Tumber and ms Diurlin Steen) who made this possible!!!!!!

9B Class of 2018
We’re going to miss you!  # HEART# LOVE #9b

9b see you again someday!!!<3

9B applied for a PTA Scholarship and went to Ven!

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