Thank you weather for making the Spring Festival 2016 a sunny and happy gathering for school staff, students and parents.

PTA chairman, Ms Williams, hold her traditional spring festival speech (see full speech further down)

Principal, Mr Olsson, held his traditional thanks to us all, but mostly he wanted to thank all parents for Thursday fika.

The flower girls who came on 5th place at IESL Eurovision performed their Spanish song, Quédate.

The choir sang beautifully a couple of songs.

The art and craft produced by the students were shown at the entrance.

A grandioso basket lottery attracted a lot of people. This was a fundraising, which will allow PTA to plan for new student activities, events and other fun stuff at the school. We are sure that the up to 30 winners were very pleased. The rest of us will have to keep our fingers crossed for next year.

Guess how many cut locks were placed in the glas cupola? The winner was closest to 145 pcs – Congratulations Alexander. Just so you know, that is how many Mr Billing has had to cut due to lost keys or codes.

Students had games and competitions at the backyard.

9ers showed their animated movie.

The barbecue was on good fire the whole evening and Roger and his team were feeding everyone who was in a sausage mood.

Thanks for coming and thank you all parents for contributing to the lottery baskets. It was amazing!

Here comes some pics.































































































The PTA speech – enjoy!

Good afternoon and I wish everybody a warm welcome to the 3rd Annual IES Lund Spring Festival!

My name is Karin Williams, and I have had the honor of being entrusted as Chairperson of the Parent Teachers Association this year. Working together with me on the PTA Board have been Lars Lindström, PTA Vice Chair Person and liason with other IES PTA’s, Anna Odehammar, Secretary and Social Media Liason, Monica Applehoff, Treasurer, as well as board members, Johan Löfgren and Katja Brigge.

I also would like to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt thanks to the class representatives this year. Please come forward if you are here so that the parents can see you!

Annie Persson
Rona Turley-Nilsson
Anna Mercke
Therese Hoveman
Karolin Jeppson
Tony Peltola
Marie Svensson
Anne-Marie Fäldt
Annika Widmark
Martina Wickström
Jennie Paldanius
Louise Adlerton
Anja Bonilla
Maria Weineisen
Einar Brandt
Gudrun Bryland
Cecilia Hagman
Tine Bergengren
Åsa Sjöblad
Mariana Westerhult
Dagnija Paruma
Mats Bengtsson
Marie Broddegard
Stefan Möller
Åsa Bergström
Pui Janson
Ingrid Samuelson
Gisela Ehrensvärd Erici
Without the class representatives and the important work they do, the PTA would not be as vibrant as it is today.

The PTA vision is to enable and support a community of parents and teachers and non-teaching staff working together, taking pride in their school to provide the best experience for students and ensure that the Internationella Engelska Skolan in Lund is perceived as the most attractive school in the region. As the PTA has no membership fees, the PTA conducts fundraising to provide a foundation to support extracurricular activities for students, parents, teachers and non-teaching staff alike. This festival is an important part of the fundraising effort.

The school is completing its 3rd year as is the PTA so we are still in a buildup phase. This year we have worked together with the school to increase safety in Sankt Lars Park for our students by engaging Lunds Kommun, Hemsö and Q-Park on a number of different initiatives. We have also worked and continue to work, to influence Region Skåne and local politicians regarding fees for students who commute using public transportation. The PTA also brings forward and works with school management to address questions and concerns that the parents may have on a continuous basis.

From the social side, we have had a parent / teacher Meet and Greet with Mr Riber and Mr Brunker, school discos, LAN party, movie night, fixed a piano for Ms Larsvall,  as well as holding the International Book Club.

We are ambitious, and hope to do even more next year.

As the PTA’s resources increase we would like to be able to support initiatives such as resources for after school initiatives, funding for class team building activities which are not part of the national curriculum and guest lectures for parents, teachers and students. These are only examples of what the PTA hopes to achieve in the future.


But… in order to achieve these goals, we need parents to support this work so that we can continue to grow and provide quality extra-curricular activities for students, staff, and parents alike. Together we continue to work on building the “IES Lund Spirit”!

If you or your child have enjoyed some of the activities the PTA has arranged, or if you want to be part of supporting school management with different initiatives, please consider joining the PTA Board, Nomination Committee or becoming a Class Representative!

If you haven’t already, take a look at the PTA website and subscribe to the PTA Newsletter which will keep you informed of all of our activities!


And now, I need to say thank you….


I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the parents who have participated in the Staff Appreciation activities. This year you have truly raised the bar regarding “fika”. We get feedback from the school that this is an extremely appreciated activity and the PTA IES Lund is still held as a great example to other schools in the IES group.

I also thank the parents who have volunteered to help with other initiatives such as the library, Minecraft Club, class trips and InnoCarnival, which, I hope everybody is aware, IES Lund pulled in a 1st, 3rd and tied 4th place.  Without parent engagement and support, these after school activities are extremely difficult for students to participate in.

Thank you also to all the parents who during the year have donated their professional time and workplaces to the school during the academic year.

Thank you to all the parents who have donated the wonderful gifts for the lottery today!

And… I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their efforts both during the school year and especially for the song and exhibitions that we will be enjoying today.

Finally…many thanks to Mr. Olsson for once again allowing us to occupy his school yard on this beautiful afternoon!


Spring Festival 2016

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